Friday Fancies 03: All Things Sheer


The last few months have treated us to generous helpings of celebrity epidermis – if the 2015 Met Gala is anything to go by, less is still most definitely more. Not one for gigantic cut-outs à la Miley, I guess I’d better hone my sheer game.

First up, obvs, is lingerie – and where better to ogle at sheer lingerie than at For Love and Lemons, home to some of the prettiest sheer lingerie in the universe.

1. For Love and Lemons Tulip High Waist Panty ($78) and Appliqué Bra ($77)

sheer 1

How cute is this set??

2. Orchid Bondage Bra ($95)

sheer 2

3. Snapdragon Underwire Bra ($131) and Cheeky Panty ($72)

sheer 3

4. Be Mine Bralette ($77) and Thong ($41)

sheer 4

I could go on forever – do yourselves a favour and head over for a browse. Heck, they’re not too bad at sheer apparel either:

5. Orchid Maxi Dress ($306)

sheer 5

6. Flower Swing Dress ($174)

sheer 6

7. Indio Maxi Dress ($210)

sheer 7

8. Desert Nights Maxi Dress ($365)

sheer 8

Guess I should let someone else get a look in at some point…

9. Ragged Priest Lace Flare Trousers (£38)

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 16.28.30

10. Glamorous Lace Crop Top (£23)

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 16.31.33

11. Religion Longline Kimono With Beading & Sequins (£115)

sheer 10

12. ASOS Sheer Ankle Socks With Scallop Top (£4)

sheer 9

13. Story Of Lola Festival Big Tee Sequin Dress (£40)

sheer 11

So there you have it, my take on some of the best subtly revealing clothing that internet shopping has to offer.


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4 thoughts on “Friday Fancies 03: All Things Sheer

  1. Loveeee that last tee, I’ve a festival to go too next weekend this could be in the basket 🙊😘

  2. Omg! The orchid maxi dress & the desert nights maxi dress are to die for! So elegant & sexy at the same time!

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