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Bring Back: The Riding Habit

Riding_Habit_Fashion_Plate_c1847We all love some glaring direlictions from the path of delicacy and propriety now and again, don’t we. Continue reading

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Friday Fancies 05: Sandals


It’s Friday and I fancy sandals! High, low, chunky or flighty – I’ll take a pair of each please and thank you. Continue reading

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Monday Munchies 07


ThePigFoot has been on a loooong hiatus – first because of a desperate dash to get as much of that dratted dissertation done before heading back to Italy, followed by Italy’s unwillingness to cooperate with adequate internet, and ending with Croatia’s (holiday post to follow) flat refusal to live up to the promise of free wi-fi. Continue reading

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Friday Fancies 04: Fringes


If you’re going to go for one trend this season, make it fringes. Fringes are biiiig news. Continue reading

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OOTD: What to Wear to Yoga


This might sound silly, but when I started yoga a few months ago one of my biggest concerns was what to wear. Continue reading

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Monday Munchies 06


Here’s my week in food, yours to peruse for some Monday inspiration. Continue reading

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Friday Fancies 03: All Things Sheer


The last few months have treated us to generous helpings of celebrity epidermis – if the 2015 Met Gala is anything to go by, less is still most definitely more. Continue reading

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Bring Back: Beauty Patches


As some of you might know, I’m currently engaged in the rather draining task of writing my MA dissertation on the birth of fashion magazines in Georgian England. It’s a fascinating topic, and fed up though I am of bloody writing, I thought it might be nice to share some titbits with you. Continue reading

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OOTD: Or, how a simple white T-shirt can take you from day to night


It’s no secret that I am a lazy dresser. I appreciate a good outfit as much as the next person, but once I’m dressed for the day, the only thing I will be looking to change into is my PJs, at the end of it. But accessory changes? That I can and will happily do.

Continue reading

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Monday Munchies 05


Here’s my last two weeks in food, yours to peruse for some Monday inspiration. Continue reading

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