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Bring Back: The Riding Habit

Riding_Habit_Fashion_Plate_c1847We all love some glaring direlictions from the path of delicacy and propriety now and again, don’t we. Continue reading

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Bring Back: Beauty Patches


As some of you might know, I’m currently engaged in the rather draining task of writing my MA dissertation on the birth of fashion magazines in Georgian England. It’s a fascinating topic, and fed up though I am of bloody writing, I thought it might be nice to share some titbits with you. Continue reading

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12 Top AW15/16 Trends

trends 1One of the talks I got to see at the Vogue Festival a couple of weeks ago was a sneak preview of the salient trends of AW15/16, as told by Vogue fashion features editor Laura Weir. Continue reading

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The Vogue Festival


This weekend, together with the fash pack, I descended upon the Royal College of Art for the Vogue Festival. Continue reading

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What’s On: Bath In Fashion


Bath’s very own Fashion Week has been in full swing for a few days now, but on until the 29th, Bath In Fashion is well worth a visit if you’re in or around town… Continue reading

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Savage Beauty


I have been looking forward to the Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition at the V&A for close to a year now, and I finally got to experience the hype first hand this weekend. I went on opening day, which obviously was very exciting, but also very very crowded. The pushing and shoving and neck-craning did get a little annoying at times but in a way it added to the electrifying sense of sheer intoxication which the V&A managed to convey so well. Continue reading

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Pig Feet


I was at London Zoo some time ago when I made a surprising discovery. It involved the humblest part of some pig-like creature’s anatomy, and had I not glanced downwards when rushing past on my way to the TIGERS (more on my love of tigers in posts to come) I might never have discovered it at all. Pigs look remarkably like they are wearing heels. Continue reading

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