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Monday Munchies 06


Here’s my week in food, yours to peruse for some Monday inspiration. Continue reading

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Pink Parcel


I’ve always thought monthly subscription boxes sounded like the best idea ever – what could be better than receiving an (almost) surprise gift every few weeks to remind you that someone is thinking about you? Does it really matter that that someone is you? Unless you manage to keep track of ALL your direct debits (surely the teeny weeny ones shouldn’t count towards the monthly budget?!) you might even forget there’s any financial investment involved at all! Continue reading

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Cereal Killer Cafe


We took a stroll to Brick Lane last week as part of my Birthday Week celebrations. I’d been on a six-week sugar detox up until the big day, so I was cereal-usly (hehe) craving some sugary goodness. What better place to go then, than the Cereal Killer Cafe – home to the infamous £3 bowl of cereal (well, infamous according to Channel 4 anyway, I think the price strikes a happy medium between our mundane British cereal and its more exciting overseas cousins). Continue reading

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Pig Feet


I was at London Zoo some time ago when I made a surprising discovery. It involved the humblest part of some pig-like creature’s anatomy, and had I not glanced downwards when rushing past on my way to the TIGERS (more on my love of tigers in posts to come) I might never have discovered it at all. Pigs look remarkably like they are wearing heels. Continue reading

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