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Breakfast In The Clouds: Aqua Shard

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Where better to enjoy a full English than way way up above beautiful London town? Continue reading

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What’s On: Cinderella Exhibition


No glass slippers for Disney’s new Cinderella. The famous shoe has been given a glitzy makeover for 2015 and is now a far fancier crystal slipper, thank you very much. Continue reading

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Cereal Killer Cafe


We took a stroll to Brick Lane last week as part of my Birthday Week celebrations. I’d been on a six-week sugar detox up until the big day, so I was cereal-usly (hehe) craving some sugary goodness. What better place to go then, than the Cereal Killer Cafe – home to the infamous £3 bowl of cereal (well, infamous according to Channel 4 anyway, I think the price strikes a happy medium between our mundane British cereal and its more exciting overseas cousins). Continue reading

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Pig Feet


I was at London Zoo some time ago when I made a surprising discovery. It involved the humblest part of some pig-like creature’s anatomy, and had I not glanced downwards when rushing past on my way to the TIGERS (more on my love of tigers in posts to come) I might never have discovered it at all. Pigs look remarkably like they are wearing heels. Continue reading

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