OOTD: What to Wear to Yoga


This might sound silly, but when I started yoga a few months ago one of my biggest concerns was what to wear.

To be fair, I am prone to worrying about every little detail of every little thing I do, but when it comes to appropriate clothing – yup, I like to get it right for every occasion. So what if I can’t reach my toes if my life depended on it, looking the part is half the battle won. Fake it till you make it and all that.

So, while I usually wear the standard uniform of leggings, little top or funky sports bra and baggy top, this week I let lose a little and decided no one was going to die of shock if I wore a pair of patterned high-waisted joggers. And a denim jacket, because denim jackets are always the answer.


Here I am hanging my head in shame because I can’t for the life of me touch those far-away toes.


One last little secret for ya: I have found that wearing nice earrings to the gym inspires me with a much-needed spark of fierce defiance – my face may be red but my ears speak Chanel. Werk.


Trousers, H&M (similar, here) | T-shirt, Primark | Flip Flops, Hawaianas | Bag, Fullspot | Jacket, Vintage Levi’s


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